Owen Seabrook

Owen Seabrook

Why did you choose to study your degree at the University of Leeds? 

I wanted to study film production from a practical and theoretical perspective, to expand my skillset so I could ensure a career in the industry after graduation. The University of Leeds offered a course that seemed the perfect fit in an environment where I could really get involved.

What opportunities have you taken advantage of at Leeds? 

I became heavily involved with Spark, the university’s start-up support scheme, and began to build a content marketing business with their support. They helped me earn a place on a business bootcamp in South Korea and gain advice and support from mentors and financial grants.

How do you think your experience of studying BA Film, Photography and Media will help you in your career?

My degree is directly relevant to the industry I want to work in, giving me the professional knowledge I need to both work for others and run my own business in content marketing. I’m confident with the abilities and understanding I’ve earned through my degree that I’ll be able to follow a successful career whether in employment or through my own enterprises.

What advice would you give to future students?

There’s a huge amount of resources available for you to better your skills and pursue a craft. The course doesn’t end after the lectures – libraries, tutors and departments at university are all dedicated to answering you with your ambitions, so that you can carve a unique and rewarding university experience.

If there is ever a time to start running a business, it’s at university. The resources and support available are unlike any available in the outside world, and your personal development, work ethic and lifestyle all improves vastly from being so invested in building your project into a reality.

Owen Seabrook won a place on the Leeds to New York Student Leadership programme in 2017.

Seabrook Media was a finalist in the University of Leeds Business Plan competition in 2016.