Anca Coman, BA Communication and Media, MA International Journalism

Anca Coman

Why did you choose to study your degree at the University of Leeds?

I chose to study at the University of Leeds because of its reputation as one of the best universities for Media and Communication, its wide range of facilities and opportunities, and its fabulous academic staff. I chose a theoretical degree in order to have a good understanding of how the media field shapes and is shaped socially, politically and culturally, and the University of Leeds was a very good option for achieving my goal. I was passionate about television and the University of Leeds has one of the greatest TV student stations, LSTV, that allowed me to further develop my passion and be a news producer in my second year.

What opportunities did you take advantage of while studying here?

I became a member of LSTV in my first year and was their news producer in my second year. I was shortlisted by NaSTA for my work and won Best Factual at the LSTV awards. I also worked for the School of Media and Communication as a student ambassador for Open Days and was a member of the Romanian Society. While studying at the University of Leeds I did work experience at journalism and communication companies such as Radio Aire, BBC Yorkshire and Research Retold, and was selected as one of the 100 international young journalists for Future News Worldwide 2018. The fact that I had studied at the University of Leeds weighed very much in my favour when applying for work experience and job opportunities. I also had casual work shifts through JobLink so I would recommend contacting them for any part-time jobs during university.

How has your experience of studying this degree at the University of Leeds helped you in your career?

Studying Communication and Media at the University of Leeds has definitely allowed me to further develop my written and verbal communication skills which are crucial for working in the communication and media career. It has already helped me to become the Communication and Marketing Graduate Assistant for Leeds City Council and I cannot thank University of Leeds enough for teaching me valuable skills such as time management, organisation and teamwork. Besides offering me knowledge and expertise in the media field, the School of Media and Communication prepared me for professional life and gave me confidence and support throughout the four years I spent there. I truly believe this is only the beginning and for each and every single chance I will have in my career path, I will always look back and thank the University of Leeds and the School of Media and Communication.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying the degree you graduated in?

Make the most of it! Don’t only stick to your regular classes, take any opportunities that arise, from interesting optional modules to being involved in various extra-curricular activities in the School of Media and Communication. Every single activity will teach you something and offer you invaluable skills and chances to further evolve, both personally and professionally. Pick the essay topics that you like the most, don’t be afraid to ask questions, join tons of clubs and societies, and enjoy every single moment at the University of Leeds. Oh, and do take advantage of your student discounts! 

Don’t be afraid of challenges and ask for help. Being miles away from my home and family and coming to the University of Leeds was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, but it was also the most rewarding one. Everything was new for me, including the language, the people, and the educational system, but the University of Leeds was there all the time to support me, give me advice and listen to me whenever I had a problem, be it personal or study related. Be confident that you can do it. The University of Leeds, especially the academic staff in your School, will help you to have the greatest time!