Yujin Lim

Yujin Lim


Before joining Leeds, I worked as a Researcher at a European think tank in Brussels, European Institute for Asian Studies, covering diverse topics on Asia. The main research focus was on security including East Asian traditional security and West Asian human security. 

I am currently working as an Education Outreach Fellow for Social Science Team at University of Leeds to deliver sessions and workshops on my field of studies.

          PhD University of Leeds, School of History (Current)

          MA University of Kent, School of Politics and International Relations. Political Strategy and Communication with International Conflict and Security (2017)

          BSc Columbia International University, Communication (2014)


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Speaking Engagement

  • The Contentious Debate on Airspace Sovereignty: The Case of East Asia - World History Workshop (St. John's College, Cambridge University, 17 May 2019)
  • Security of the Small States: Surviving Between the Great Powers - Security in the Modern World conference (Leeds International Study Centre, 06 March 2019)
  • Law and Politics - Special lecture (SungIl Godeunghakgyo, 12 December 2017)
  • Multiculturalism - Panel (FEBC radio channel, 20 November 2017)
  • Conflict and Security - Panel (FEBC radio channel, 30 October 2017)
  • Community Social Welfare Theory - Guest lecturer (Kwangshin University, 20 October 2017)



Research interests

Having my background in Politics and International Relations, my current research is on the History of International Relations in East Asia under the joint supervision of the School of History and School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS).

Key words for my research are: US-China relations, Security, East Asia, Korean Peninsula

Main Research Focus

  • History of international relations: PhD research topic on Power, Language, and Deterrence: US-China relations in East Asia in post-Cold War era
  • National security: Collective security, deterrence, and military alliances are closely linked with my current research
  • Political communication: How the states communicate to justify their actions and decisions is at the heart of my research
  • Conflict: National level of conflict stem from history is my main research focus

Other Research Interests

  • Legal aspects of international problems: In order to understand international relations, I have done extensive studies on legal aspects of conflict which includes law of armed conflict
  • Human security: With a background of human rights law and activities, my research interest lies on human security and the freedom of speech and freedom of religion.
  • Digital politics: My previous education in communication studies leads me to my research interest in digital politics, especially in both bottom-up and top-down mobilization


  • Korean: native speaker
  • Chinese: fluent in Mandarin
  • English: certified in TEFL