Allison Emond

Allison Emond


I graduated from the University of Leeds in 2016 with a BA (Hons.) in History. My undergraduate dissertation focused on the reigns of Queen Melisende and King Baldwin III of Jerusalem and how the relationship ultimately deteriorated into civil war in 1152.

I embarked on an MA in Medieval Studies also at the University of Leeds where I earned a merit level degree in 2018. My MA dissertation explored the actions of the Ibelin family during the conflict with the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II within the kingdom of Jerusalem in the thirteenth century. 

Conference Papers

I delivered a conference paper at the IMC in 2019 entitled 'Unity and Division: Contrast in the Crowning of Queen Melisende and King Baldwin III of Jerusalem'.

Research interests

My research investigates Baldwin III’s minority under the regency of his mother Queen Melisende, Baldwin III’s reign and the reign of his brother Amalric. The period exhibits a trend of the native nobility becoming more entrenched within the administrative framework of the kingdom and asserting their authority. Baronial factionalism became more pronounced in the early years of this period; this was displayed in the inherent tension that existed within the monarchy due to Queen Melisende and King Baldwin III sharing power. 

In undertaking my research, I intend to obtain a better understanding of the causes of the fluctuating relations between the crown and nobility. I then plan to turn my attention to why these causes created a tense and volatile political situation within the kingdom and if this ultimately led to changes within the administration that allowed the balance of power to shift significantly.


  • BA (Hons.) in History
  • MA in Medieval Studies