Samuel Dodson

Samuel Dodson


I am an avid lover of military history, having studied wars across all continents and time periods. Having fallen in love with the "Long Eighteenth Century", my research has delved deeply into this area, building a strong affinity for the wars that happened in Western Europe, particularly those involving Prussia and Britain. In my spare time I also enjoy discovering Japanese military history, most notably during the late Muromachi and Azuchi-Momoyama Periods.

I studied my Undergraduate at the University of Hull where I undertook a dissertation on the Swedish army in the Thirty Years War. I am now studying my Masters by research at the University of Leeds, investigating the British Army in Western Germany during the Seven Years War. I have been accepted to study my PhD at the University of Leeds for the 2019/20 academic year and look forward to branching further into this research area.

Research interests

My research investigates the military aspects of armies in the Eighteenth Century, and generally how war was conducted during this time frame. My MRes specifically investigates the combat ability of the British Army during the war, investigating the attributes that improved the army, all culminating in the Battle of Vellinghausen in 1761, the last major clash of forces. My area of interest covers the largely understudied campaigns of Western Germany, rather than the more popular American theatre, which has garnered wider historical attention. By covering this area I not only identify Britain’s prior close relations with other European powers, but can also critically analyse the ability of its army compared to these European forces. As suggested, my research connects British and European history, and while focused on the Seven Years War, it also delves into the whole “Long Eighteenth Century”.

Having delivered papers at Conferences such as the “Redcoats, Tommies and Dusty Warriors” conference held in the summer of 2018 at the University of Leeds and the University of Lancasters' HistFest, I have been able to disseminate my findings by connecting with other researchers in my area.

My upcoming PhD aims to investigate the actions of the British Army in Western Germany, identifying the military, political and economic reasons as to why it was a success, and furthering our understanding of this theatre of operations. Equally by investigating all the nations that formed the Allied army in Western Germany, I can discover the factors that contribute to making coalition warfare a success.


  • BA History, University of Hull