I received  BA (hons) at York University in 1985. After a long gap, I resumed studying with a part-time MA in Victorian Studies at Birkbeck University from 2005 to 2007. I was awarded a distinction and received the Chris Willis Prize for my work on Chartism. My MA dissertation explored the political and philosophical ideas of Frances Wright and her relationship to Chartism. 

I currently work as a primary school teacher and study part time at Leeds while living in London. 

I began my research degree at Leeds in March 2018. I am researching the role of women in the Chartist Movement. 

Research interests

My research interests focus on women’s role in the Chartist Movement, with a special emphasis on their speeches, addresses and activities. I contest accepted narratives concerning the patriarchal gender politics of Chartism. I am interested in situating female Chartism within earlier traditions of nineteenth century radicalism and how female Chartists modified the rhetorical and political traditions which they inherited. I will also compare Chartist attitudes to women to those expressed by other political movements of the mid-nineteenth century. I am interested in exploring the overlooked contribution made by Chartists to the development of early feminism. 


  • BA (hons)
  • MA (distinction)