Harry Sanderson

Harry Sanderson


I graduated from the University of Kent in 2016 with a BA (Hons) in War Studies with an Approved Year Abroad (First Class) where my dissertation on the importance of small-arms to the British Army in 1918 won the School of History Prize for the Best War Studies Dissertation. I then moved to the University of Leeds where I gained an MA with Distinction in War and Strategy in 2017, completing my dissertation on the evolution of infantry training within the British army during the First World War. I am now continuing my research into training soldiers with my PhD, focusing on the question of how armies prepared their soldiers for battle by ensuring they possess sufficient tactical skills, are physically able, and mentally ready to attain victory over thier opponent. It examines how these demands changed in line with the ever shifting nature of warfare and the British army's evolution in tactics and operational art, as well as the influence of wider societal and gendered pressures.


I am currently teaching a strand of Hist 1055: Historiography and Historical Skills, examining changing attitudes towards British generalship in the First World War.


Research interests

My main research interest is military history, and how militaries have improved their conduct of war. Within this I have particularly focused on the British army in the First World War and how soldiers were prepared for battle through training. Training is the main process of interaction between militaries and their soldiers, and it is influenced by military demands, as well as wider attitudes in society. By studying training my research aims to further our understanding of both Britain and the British army in the First World War.



  • MA War and Strategy
  • BA War Studies with an Approved Year Abroad