Richard Bell


Questions relating to the fragile nature of the 'domestic'; exploring the relationships of self and constituent participants within the domestic situation and how 'roles' are defined and engaged. The Dislocation and Relocation of the Domestic....the created lie presented as a truth.... (or is it vice versa).

My current work contributes to the discourse surrounding issues which address questions relating to the fragile nature of the 'domestic'. It explores the relationships of self and the constituent participants within the domestic situation and how 'roles' are defined and engaged to 'hold together' the dislocated elements that make up the domestic domain. The work examines recurring historical patterns that define and construct our current 'home' (sexuality / family / place). I have been exploring the metaphor of the 'House' to examine notions of the psychological space evoked by this 'form'. Images and forms identify concerns and issues surrounding the Domestic from a male perspective. These question preconceptions of masculinity, gender and roles within the domestic 'situation'. Psychological tensions are created (re-created) by formal contrasts and contradictions whilst surface and image evoke sensual experiences and personal histories.

My teaching interests are centrally located within the challenging notion of fine art practice. I am specifically concerned with the expanded field of sculpture, the object as an interlocution with the psychological notion of architectural space. My engagement with the materiality of the process by which objects are manifest is a central thrust of my teaching. I encourage the idea of 'operacy' and how this impacts on the process of creating, through construction, fabrication and the formal exploration of materials in space. I encourage a continually evolving sculptural process which will establish challenging dynamic phenomenon across the sculptural spectrum.


  • Programme Leader
  • BA Fine Art
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