Jordan Cale-Riley


I am an artist and writer currently researching my practice-led Ph.D. I’m interested in places of fantasy and how theories of fantasy explore contemporary western culture and imagination. In particular, I examine speculative fiction, philosophical fiction, artists’ books and text as sculptural objects existing beyond the formatting of the page to understand their role in addressing identity, objecthood, and the occult.

My current research revolves around what I call ‘Disenchantment Literature’ a new theory I’m working on in response to my last project and contemporary conversation regarding Perspectivism and the function of Fantasy. My work interests include constructed realities and philosophical notions of truth (Hegel, Nietzsche, Foucault, Kant).

As an autoethnographic artist, my research directly informs my practice, again informed by theory, to produce written pieces of fiction, accompanied by visual experimentation, mise en scene installations and historiographic documentation(s).

My literature interests are far reaching and not restricted to fantasy alone, but also include:

  • Gothic stories and prose
  • Romanticism
  • Medieval narratives and historic wartime accounts
  • architectural theories epecially regarding space
  • collective energy, and the relationship between buildings and people
  • science-fiction that addresses the future
  • Mythopoeia
  • writings on the Occult

All relevant to human conscious/subconscious behaviour(s), Action, and development theories.

My background is within Fine Art, in the purest sense, though I seldom paint or draw anymore unless it is as an extension of my written work. I am also eager to experiment with film as a medium extension to the written narrative/new ways to produce documentation of the actualisation, or materialisation, of narrative ideas and (sub)conscious thought.

Research interests

  • the impulse of fantasy
  • fantasy literature
  • perspectivism
  • theories of space, place, and constructed realities
  • philosophical notions of truth (Assurance Theory, conscious/subconscious behavioural interaction, identity, morality)
  • Gothic literature
  • Mythopoeia


  • MA Art & Design
  • BA (Hons) Art & Design