Gesner L.C. Brito Filho


BA in History (2008) and MA in Social History (2014), Universidade de São Paulo, USP, Brazil. I completed my BA in History (2008) and MA in Social History (2014) at the Universidade de São Paulo (USP) in my native country, Brazil. During my MA, I focused on the study of Anglo-Saxon manuscript: MS Cotton Vitellius A.xv, The Beowulf Manuscript. My dissertation “Níðwundor, terrible wonder: Beowulf Manuscript as a compilation about the 'East' is available at: England: texts, poetry, manuscripts, art.Thesis: Relationship between the earthly world, heaven and hell in MS Junius 11. The MS Junius XI (Bodleian Library, Oxford) is an Anglo-Saxon manuscript written in the late tenth or early eleventh century. There are four poems in it, divided in: Genesis, Christ and Satan. The Manuscript displays forty-eight completed drawings. All the poems are written in Old English and they are paraphrases of biblical or apocryphal texts. MS Junius XI is the only Anglo-Saxon poetic manuscript, which presents a full and very rare series of illustrations. Using an interdisciplinary approach, my research aims to establish how the human world and the supernatural world (Heaven, Hell) comparing to earthly world were represented in MS Codex Junius XI (Bodleian Oxford Library) in the text and image. Supervisors: Catherine Karkov (School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies) and Alaric Hall (School of English).