Emma Waterton and Hayley Saul: Heritage for Global Challenges

Speakers Emma Waterton and Hayley Saul will introduce the newly launched Heritage for Global Challenges Research Centre, located in the Department of Archaeology at the University of York.

The Centre was established in 2022 in response to the growing suggestion that our relationships with the past require urgent attention, as do the affective and emotional responses they engender.

As new possibilities for heritage continue to take shape, those of us engaging professionally with the past are being asked to rethink heritage in ways that are socially, environmentally, and politically sustainable.

Researchers in the Centre are therefore currently seeking to undertake new theoretical and empirical enquiries that might help us create:

  1. a better understanding of the interplay between access, inclusion, and multiple axes of difference within the field of heritage;
  2. greater space for Indigenous and community ways of caring for the past; and
  3. a better understanding of the role heritage must play as we respond to and plan for environmental change, particularly in the face of increasing climate-related disasters.

Built around international and interdisciplinary collaborations, we hope that our work in the Centre will make space for such new ways of thinking to emerge.

This event is co-hosted by the Association for Critical Heritage Studies, UK Chapter and the Centre for Critical Studies in Museums, Galleries and Heritage, University of Leeds.


Emma Waterton is Leverhulme International Professor & Director of the Heritage for Global Challenges Research Centre, University of York

Hayley Saul is Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Director of the Heritage for Global Challenges Research Centre, University of York.

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Photo by Hayley Saul.