Access and Cultural Rights in Museums and Exhibitions with Viviane Sarraf

This workshop will look at ideas of museum accessibility through focusing on case studies that explore the urgency of access alongside testing practical approaches together.

Bringing together theory and practice, the workshop is informed by Dr Sarraf’s current research on Brazilian Museologist Waldisa Rússio (1935–1990) who pioneered approaches to access, inspiring generations of museum professionals in Latin America.

Alongside theoretical ideas of access and cultural rights, in the workshop participants will test out accessible curatorship design, co-creation process as informed by Dr Sarraf’s research.

About Dr Viviane Sarraf

Viviane Sarraf is Professor in the Post Graduation Program of Brazilian Culture and Identities and Fellow Researcher in Institute of Brazilian Studies – University of Sao Paulo; Professor of the Master in Museology, Culture and Education Master Program of PUC-SP, Coordinator of GEPAM – Study and Research Group of Accessibility in Museums; Founder and Consultant of Museus Acessíveis Co. (Brazil).

Her academic background is Post Doc in Museology, Phd in Communication and Semiotic, Master in Science of Information, Specialist in Museology and Graduate in Art Education.

How to book

The workshop is free but booking is essential.

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Baines Wing SR (1.13), University of Leeds.

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For more information, please contact Dr Jade French.


The work of people with disabilities: possibilities and reality, 1981 – Museum of Industry, Commerce and Technologies – Sao Paulo (Waldisa Russio’s Archive – IEB-USP). Image courtesy of Viviane Sarraf.