Visiting Artist's Talk — Holly Melgard

For this week's Visiting Artist's Talk (VAT), we welcome Holly Melgard.

Holly Melgard is an acclaimed poet. Her books include the Poems for Baby trilogy, The Making of The Americans, Black Friday, Reimbursement (Troll Thread), Cats Can’t Taste Sugar (Gaus PDF) and the chapbook Catcall (Ugly Duckling Presse).

Along with Joey Yearous-Algozin, she also co-authored White Trash (Troll Thread) and Liquidation. Her poetry books Fetal Position (Roof, 2021) and Inner Critic: A Journal of Inner Criticism (Kenning Editions) are also forthcoming.

She is one of the founding editors of Troll Thread press (alongside Yearous-Algozin, Chris Sylvester and Divya Victor), which is a collectively edited website offering experimental poetry books for both print-on-demand and free PDF download.

She recently completed her PhD at the SUNY Buffalo Poetics Program with a thesis entitled Poetics of Ubiquitization: Textual Conditions of and for the Ubiquitous Computing Age. She is currently teaching writing at New York University and City University of New York, freelance book designing, co-editing Troll Thread press and living in Brooklyn, NY. 

The Visiting Artists' Talks (VAT) series for 2020/21 welcomes guests across two semesters to join us live via Teams every Monday afternoon during teaching weeks.

Each session brings an arts professional to talk with us (as a community) about what they do and why, and to chat with the student body honestly about their career journey and interests.

All of our talks are compulsory for our Fine Art students but open to anyone else who would like to join us.

To request a link for this talk, please email Nick Thurston by 1pm on 1 February.


Holly Melgard pictured in front of Cy Twombly’s 1978 painting Fifty Days at Iliam: The Fire that Consumes All before It. Photo: Joey Yearous-Algozin.