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A Medieval pictoral

Dr Claudia Rogers (University of Sheffield) will present a Medieval Group workshop titled 'Encountering Pictorials: A Workshop on Sixteenth-Century Mesoamerican Manuscripts'.

Dr Levi Roche (University of Exeter) will present a lecture titled 'Forging Exemption: Fleury from Abbo to Gauzlin (c.988-c.1030)' in the 2018-19 School of History Medieval History Seminar series.

Two students walking together looking at a campus map outside.

Join us to find out more about postgraduate study at the University of Leeds.

Print of Stalin.

Professor James Harris explores the impact of public access to the Soviet Union archives following the collapse of the Soviet system.

A talk by Cathy Shrank from the University of Sheffield as part of our Interdisciplinary Renaissance and Early Modern seminar series.

This IMS Open Lecture is presented by Jeremy Johns (University of Oxford) and is titled 'Documenting Multiculturalism in Norman Sicily'.

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