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A room full of people listening to a lecture

Part of the 2023-24 Institute for Medieval Studies events series.

St George's Field, Leeds. The image shows grave stones on the left, with Henry Price student residences in the background

Dr Laura King presents a paper entitled 'Living with the Dead: The Meanings of Graves and Sites of Remembrance Practices in 20th Century Britain.'

A brochure; purple design showing a ballock dagger in purple green and blue design and a magnifying glass. Text reads Forgotten Battles Object Trail Guide Royal Armouries.

Dr Kit Heyam presents a seminar entitled: 'Gendering the Royal Armouries: Collaboration and Queer Community Engagement'.

A room full of people listening to a lecture

Part of the Institute for Medieval Studies 2023-24 events programme, and co-organised with the White Rose Medievalists seminar.

A damaged tank in Bucha, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine - June 2022.
Picture free to use via Unsplash/
Mikhail Volkov

Dr Taras Fedirko presents a seminar entitled 'Non-state support for Ukraine's war effort (2014-2023) and its consequences for Ukrainian politics'.

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Join Dr Iona McCleery from the School of History as she presents 'Feast and Famine' at the Thackray Museum of Medicine together with Dr Jonny Geber from the University of Edinburgh.

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