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Parkinson building

Professor Wiszewski (University of Wroclaw) spoke at the first IMS seminar talk for the new academic year, presenting the findings of a recent project examining multi-ethnic groups in medieval Europe.

Norse in the north

Back in May 2023, Leeds hosted the Norse in the North conference which discussed literature and the supernatural in Old Norse studies.

Shelves of books at the Brotherton Library

Dr Elizabeth Tyler closes the White Rose talks at Leeds by exploring the use of the Old English Orosius for nationalism and imperialism in tenth century England.

Richmond Castle

Staff and students of the IMS department and Medieval Society travelled to Richmond to visit the castle and Easby Abbey.

Parkinson Building tower and campus buildings

Dr Danica Summerlin (University of Sheffield) presented a paper exploring the legal practices and jurisdictions of twelfth-century Antipopes at the University of York.