A show that is also a party, a party that is also a show.

Merce used to protest in the streets but now she just gets angry on Facebook. Patricia has turned forty and is worried her son will hate her for not making more of a difference. Dan thinks it’s all connected to bees and Thomas… well, Thomas is the only real musician in the show, and guess what 80% of it is? Music. An unpredictable and urgent theatrical counter-protest. A show about changing the world, with a live rock band. Welcome to the revolution. It’s gonna get messy.

“These clowns know exactly what they are doing” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian (on The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, winner of The Stage Award 2014)

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and by the Unity Theatre Trust

Developed at Battersea Arts Centre, originally commissioned by HOME, Manchester.

7.00pm, Workshop Theatre

Box Office: 0113 343 8730