100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace

100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace

Mix-ups, mayhem and muscle memory.

Sometimes she imagines herself in army films, sometimes in musicals, and sometimes she imagines being knocked off a gondola by a very large wave; this isn’t how she thought procedural and semantic recall recovery would be.

Following the accident, Kat’s struggling with the basics of everyday life. She spends her time daydreaming as her reality blends with what she watches on television. A comedic and imaginative take on the realigning of one person’s mind. stage@leeds associate artists ‘Forget About The Dog’ return to the Alec Clegg studio with a creative mash-up of witty dialogue, puppetry, original music and bombastic comedy. As the Ed Fringe review said recently “This is a fantastically creative and loving piece.”

“An undiscovered gem of the Fringe that deserves to be seen.” EdFringe review

“Wonderfully slick physical movement and creativity with props.” EdFringe review

Alec Clegg Studio
£10.00 (£7.50)*

*2 tickets for £10.00 when you by a ticket for Bellow Theatre’s ‘Bare skin on Briny Waters’

Box Office: 0113 343 8730
Online: www.stage.leeds.ac.uk