Digital colour management

Digital printing is a growing area and this new one-day course aims to introduce the basic concepts of colour and colour specification.

This course will give you valuable insight into digital colour workflows and how to apply these to ensure colour consistency in an office, production or online environment

Course content 

Colour Communication 

- colour order systems (Pantone, Munsell, NCS) 
- colour contrast - colour assimilation and brightness 

- colourfulness (chroma and saturation) 
- hue 

The CIE System of Colorimetry 

- light and light sources - trichromacy colour primaries - the CIE system 

- meaning of XYZ - CIELAB spectrophotometers/colorimeters 


Colour Image Workflows 

- camera technology, display technology - sRGB – ICC 

- colour management approach 
- creating and using profiles 

Colour printing 

- ICC profiles - the concept of colour gamut 
- gamut mapping 
- colour rendering intents 

Beyond ICC 

- advanced colour management 
- spectral imaging