Fine Art & Design Practice-led PhD Symposium

This symposium is an opportunity for practice-led researchers in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies & the School of Design to share research topics and methodologies.

The event is an important step in building a research community for practice-based research in Leeds that will continue beyond the end of individual projects. The idea is to develop relationships, networks, connections and collaborations into the future. One such network already underway is our membership of the European Artistic Research Network (EARN) which offers many opportunities for getting involved in international research event.

As in previous years, the aim of this symposium will not simply be about sharing research topics and methodologies but we encourage contributors to consider the process of communication as well.

Consequently, we would like you to think about what could be described as the “performance” or “event” of dissemination and exchange. Whilst a formal mode of presentation will be more than acceptable, speakers have been asked to consider the following questions:

  • What happens in the act of communicating your research?
  • How does the requirement to share ideas, knowledge, experience and practice shape the form of presentation?
  • What cannot be shared in habitual, inherited modes of delivery?
  • What alternative form of presentation would give voice to what cannot easily be articulated in the usual conference format?
  • How might your presentation challenge or critically examine the assumptions and limitations of the established presenter-audience relationship?
  • How does practice-based research challenge inherited notions of research and knowledge that have been derived from scientific thought?
  • Is there an alternative to talking about research?
  • Can practice itself take centre-stage?
  • If so, where does the artwork begin and end and equally, where/when does ‘research’ become apparent?
  • If it were the artwork giving the presentation rather than you what would it say and/or do?

The symposium will take place in the Student Common Room in the School of Fine Art History of Art and Cultural Studies, University Road.

Judith Tucker, School of Design
Catherine Ferguson, School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies