Public event in Leeds: Medieval Saints: Superpowers for Love, Life and Lots More Inbetween

Professor Emilia Jamroziak presents a public talk for Valentine's Day.

This event is part of the Quantum Sauce series. Quantum Sauce is where science meets stand-up, hosted at Old Woollen, part of Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley.

Professor Jamroziak will present as part of a line-up featuring Dr Mani King Sharpe from the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, speaking on ‘Love in War: Casablanca's Aesthetics of Juxtaposition’, and Dr Maria Paton from the School of Medicine, speaking on ‘What becomes of the broken hearted? Modern imaging methods for cardiac pacing’.

About the talk

Professor Jamroziak’s talk introduces the central element of the medieval cult of saints: reciprocity. The audience is invited to consider how the relationship between saints and believers was realised through the construct known as "miracles". The medieval concept of miracles was vast and could involve mundane and great things alike. The emotional bond between saints and their followers even extended to "emotional blackmail" - pressure on "non-performing" saints, who were humiliated in special rituals. Whilst this remained only an early medieval phenomenon, it is essential to consider what reciprocity meant as an emotional bond in the culture where the supernatural was real.

How to attend

Book your ticket on the Quantum Sauce website. Please note, this event is organised by an external organisation.