HPS in 20 Objects Lecture 17: Victorian Printing Press

Public Lecture, part of History & Philosophy of Science in 20 Objects

A Victorian Printing Press - and its Surprising Role in the Making of the Modern Sciences

We tend to think of scientific facts as getting discovered in labs, observatories, field sites etc., and only then, in their fixed forms, getting communicated to wider audiences.  But historians of science increasingly see the relationship between discovery and communication as much more intimate, even interactive -- and also as changing over time as communication technologies have changed.  In Lecture 17 of the HPS in 20 Objects series, Dr Jonathan Topham and Konstantin Kiprijanov will use a printing press from a working Victorian print room on the Leeds University campus to explore this rich theme, with particular attention to developments in the age that turned Darwin as well as Dickens into household names.
Tea and Coffee will be available from 6.15pm outside the lecture theatre. This lecture assumes no prior knowledge, everybody is welcome.

For more information, please, see the Museum of HSTM website.