Contemporary Music Festival 2023: lovemusic

Dr Mic Spencer’s new piece, nuthin lik disperr, to be performed as part of Heart of Light.

Part of the University of Leeds International Concert Series, Heart of Light was imagined for the month of February, the last month of winter, a distinctive colour lingering on the horizon giving us the impression something new is coming.

Light has acted as one of the main inspirations behind all the music. Dr Mic Spencer’s new piece, nuthin lik disperr, part of his love letters cycle, is inspired by the poem of the same name by Tom Leonard, an ode to the joy of metaphorical darkness.

Emiliano Gavito (flute) Adam Starkie (clarinet) Sophie Wahlmüller (viola) Lola Malique (cello) Christian Lozano (guitar) Finbar Hosie (electronics and lights).

Heart of Light

  • Finbar Hosie – The Hyacinth Garden, for clarinet, viola, electric guitar and performer (2023)
  • Santiago Díez-Fischer – love fragments for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, electric guitar and electronics (2022)
  • Mic Spencer – nuthin lik disperr (Love letter no 5) in Memoriam Hans-Joachim Hespos, for quintet (2023)
  • Noriko Baba – Bonbori for quintet with objects (2008)
  • Sasha Blondeau – Sortir du noir for cello and electronics (2016)

Please note that doors will open from 12.30pm.

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