Sensory Storytelling, Imagination and Wellbeing – Sharing Practice webinar

This Zoom webinar forms part of the Sadler Seminar Series ‘Sensory Storytelling, Imagination, and Wellbeing’, which is convened by Drs Freya Bailes, Anna Madill, and Maria Kapsali.

This event is open to all, please register to attend.

A multi-discipline project, this event brings together speakers from different backgrounds and approaches to explore how sensory storytelling helps us to question and understand relationships between imagination and wellbeing. Speaking at this event are:

Professor Sarah Kettley

Professor Sarah Kettley is Chair of Material and Design Innovation at Edinburgh College of Art, The University of Edinburgh. Her research spans disciplines in order to develop design methodologies for emerging and embedded technologies. She leads multidisciplinary teams to engage in critical relational design research with mental health and wellbeing sectors.

Dr Raginie Duara

Dr. Raginie Duara has an interest in understanding the youth culture and the various issues faced by this group of people. She seeks to understand how such issues and coping mechanisms sit within the broader historical and cultural context whilst dealing with challenges of establishing an identity and a ‘place in this world’. With her expertise in qualitative research methods, she is currently working as a Research Fellow (School of Psychology, University of Leeds) on youth substance addiction in Assam using visual methods – photo-led interviews, posters and film-making.

Radhika Goswami

Radhika Goswami is the Director of the Agora, The Space, an arts and culture facilitation centre in Guwahati, Assam, India. She had previously completed her MA in Social Anthropology from School of Oriental and African Studies, (SOAS), London. She is an alumnus of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. Her work entails the use of performance arts in conflict transformation which was underlined in her Master’s thesis titled ‘Intersection of Popular Culture and Protest Culture in Manipur’.

Simon Procter

Simon Procter is a music therapist working for Nordoff Robbins, a charity which provides music therapy services across Scotland, Wales and England. As a practitioner he has worked in both medical and non-medical mental health services, and as a researcher he is primarily an ethnographer.

Dr Maria Kapsali

All speakers will convene at the end of the event for a Q&A with the attendees.