Buyers Remorse feat. The White Pube

Join us as Buyers Remorse and Zarina from the White Pube complain about colonisation in arts education and the art world.

The Buyers Remorse team is excited to welcome Zarina Muhammad – one half of The White Pube – to kick off our speaker programme.

Vibing off Buyer’s Remorse’s complaints collective edge (and pure thanks to Sara Ahmed for this), Zarina will be treating the presentation as a kind of catharsis – speaking to their own and observed experiences of racialisation in the sector. 

Zarina Muhammad (b.1994, London) is an art critic @thewhitepube where she writes about exhibitions, how art makes her feel, and how institutions operate. cancer sun/aries moon/sagittarius ascendant. ‘Intellectual charlatan’, ‘sociopathic pseudo-critic’, leading proponent of ‘The Philosophy of the Warm Tummy’ & cowboy in the art world.

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This event will be hosted on Zoom.

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Buyers’ Remorse

Buyers Remorse is a project initiated by Zipporah Blake-Gravesande and Carmen Okome. It is formed in response to their own and others' experiences of structural racism whilst studying Fine Art and History of Art at the University of Leeds.

The project includes a number of different elements including an online complaints desk, artist spotlight and talks from invited artists, cultural workers and academics.

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Zarina Muhammad, art critic at The White Pube.