Often when we narrativise our lives, discussions revolve around stable, clearly defined events: university careers, jobs, or relationships, for example.

We frequently omit the cumbersome in-between moments when we are, or have, neither one thing nor the other; but these times permeate our everyday experiences and make up a significant proportion of our lives. BETWEENNESS. is an interdisciplinary sound event that aims to artistically explore the space between these moments of stability — are we ever not in-between and truly ‘stable’?

Central to the event is Ed Cooper’s 'Between Belongings', an interactive sound installation that will be ongoing in Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall. Soundscapes and unidentifiable drones will ebb and flow in and out of each other, always on the precipice of presenting a recognisable scenario. Scattered around the room, listening cues and objects ambiguously related to the ephemeral sonic locations will highlight the troublesome listening experience of the installation. Interpreters’ aural attention will be in constant fluctuations and they will be required to navigate essences of multiple places simultaneously. In a sense, they will exist in all of them whilst inhabiting none.

Complementing the large-scale, location oriented sound installation, a series of short performances will run throughout the two days and present explorations of more specific, understandings of betweenness, such as identity, social position, phenomenological experience, or artistic form. 

Part 1 —  2nd May: 5-9pm
Part 2 — 3rd May: 3-7pm

Calls for contributors

There are two calls for contributors: one for performers and one for small-scale sound-works.