The Garden of Earthly Delights: creating an electro-acoustic pantomime

***Event cancelled*** Prof Trevor Wishart delivers a seminar on creating an electro-acoustic pantomime

Trevor Wishart will outline some of the issues involved in composing his new work, "The Garden of Earthly Delights" including collaborating with writers, actors and poets, generating text through random processes, spatialisation issues for materials of different types, and the final shaping of the materials.

About the speaker

Composer Trevor Wishart was born in Leeds and lives in the North of England. His works have won many awards and been performed nationally and internationally, including the GigaHerz Grand Prize (2009) and the BASCA Award for Innovation (2019). His software, a major part of the Composers' Desktop Project, is used extensively (and available free on line). He has also written extensively on the techniques and processes involved in sonic art (On Sonic Art, Audbile Design, Sound Composition).

Image of Professor Trevor Wishart