HPS Centre Seminar

Dr Dominic Berry on ‘What Narrative Science could do for you’


In this talk I share insights from the ongoing Narrative Science project, an interdisciplinary project lead by Prof. Mary Morgan at the London School of Economics.

While different members of the project articulate the agenda slightly differently, I adopt an integrated approach to the history and philosophy of science. We draw on a range of different disciplines that have contributed understandings of narrative - including literary theory, narratology, psychology, film theory, amongst others - which can then be used as jumping off points for critical inquiry in HPS. In this talk I provide much needed further explanation of what narrative in science might entail, how it is different from earlier approaches intersecting science and narrative, and demonstrate the results through key cases.


The research seminars of the Centre for History & Philosophy of Science at the University of Leeds run fortnightly during term time. Seminars are free and open to all.