IMS Open Lecture - CANCELLED

This lecture is part of the IMS Open Lecture Series which showcases cutting-edge research by leading scholars in important aspects of medieval studies.

*UPDATE* This event has been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions affecting travel. 

Sita Steckel (Junior Professor, Historisches Seminar, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) will deliver this IMS Open Lecture, titled ‘A Donkey’s Dilemma: The Debate on Diversity among High Medieval Religious Orders’. Steckel’s research areas include religious controversies and religious diversity within high medieval Latin Christianity, the history of knowledge and learning, and historical and sociological theories of social transformation, especially theories of differentiation. 

Steckel is currently involved in multiple long-term research projects, including ‘Observing religion. Criticism and apologetics of religious diversity within medieval Latin Christianity (c. 1050-1350)’ and ‘The Sociologists’ Middle Ages. Reconstructing the Relationship of Medieval Studies and the Sociology of Religion during the Long Twentieth Century’. Steckel has also published extensively. Examples from this year include an article titled ‘Satirical depictions of monastic life’ in The Cambridge History of Western Monasticism and an article in Les Régimes de Polémicité au Moyen Age titled, ‘Une querelle de théologiens? The concept of “polemic” in the historiography of the secular-mendicant controversy’. 

The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception. All are welcome! 

All queries can be directed to Dr Axel Müller.