Training, Citizenship and Performance

Can performer training be used to promote, support or enhance citizenship? Join us for an afternoon of conversation, practical workshops and panel presentations that will tackle key questions.

This one-day symposium draws together research and practice in political communication, theatre and performance, to explore the extent to which training methods can be tools of democracy, political participation and citizen activity.

Citizenship refers to the ways in which people relate to democracy, community and the social good. Training in relation to citizenship could involve pedagogic practices which ‘impart knowledge and skills that will enable future citizens to act within and upon the public domain’ (Stephen Coleman).

In this event, we'll explore practices of performance training that have consciously intervened in the social and the political, as well as the extent to which trainers consider their students as citizens and how that impacts on their practice and pedagogy.

We'll discuss the ways in which training creeps into our everyday and regular practices of citizenship, thinking about how training can make us notice everyday civic practices in a different way.

In a time of political uncertainty, where national and international events are calling into question normative values of democracy, this event will examine how our research and practice of training might fit into this conversation.

This event is for academics, practitioners, students and anyone interested in these issues. Participation in practical workshops is encouraged, but observation is also welcome.

This event is free but please RSVP.