Being Awesome with Nick Riggle

Dr Nick Riggle (Philosophy, San Diego) will talk about his recent book, On Being Awesome, at this free public event at the Hyde Park Book Club. Sponsored by the Centre for Aesthetics.

Philosopher (and former X-Games skater) Nick Riggle will speak about his book, On Being Awesome: A Unified Theory of How Not to Suck (Penguin 2017).

“It’s…hard to imagine that anyone else has thought so deeply about the nature of awesomeness: its meaning, its importance, and the ways that true awesomeness is under threat. In On Being Awesome, Riggle offers a careful dissection of the psycho-philosophical categories of sucking…but the book also works as a practical, and surprisingly inspiring, guide to better living.”
Scientific American Mind

Sponsored by the Centre for Aesthetics.

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