“The Diversity of Nonreligion in Europe”: CRPL Seminar with Dr Josh Bullock

In this Centre for Religion and Public Life research seminar Dr Josh Bullock (Kingston University) will be speaking about “The Diversity of Nonreligion in Europe”.

Already, much of Europe is marching towards a post-Christian society with young adults especially neither identifying with, nor practising religion. Nevertheless, Europe’s nations exhibit a great deal of diversity and variability in their (non)religious sociocultural climates and the decline of Christianity in much of Europe has given rise to novel and innovative new ways to belong.

In this seminar, Josh Bullock draws upon his PhD research on the Sunday Assembly and his Templeton Funded Understanding Unbelief project 'Reaching for a New Sense of Connection' which contributes to mapping the diversity of unbelief by using survey, social media and interview data across six countries (UK, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Norway, and Romania).