Ethics seminar: 'On Accomplishment'

David Faraci (Durham) will give a talk in the Centre for Ethics and Metaethics seminar entitled 'On Accomplishment'. All welcome.

David Faraci is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Durham University. His current research focuses on issues in metaethics, epistemology, and moral and political philosophy. More information about his work can be found on his website.


This talk concerns a philosophical genus I call normative accomplishment, or simply accomplishment. It is a genus many philosophers seem to recognize, at last implicitly, but that in my view has been afforded insufficient explicit attention. In my view, paying it more explicit attention not only teaches us about the genus itself, but perhaps more importantly facilitates dialectical progress in various species-specific debates. I focus here on (what I argue are) two of the most philosophically important species of accomplishment: propositional knowledge and morally worthy action.