enter, watch, leave (U)

Join artist Ann-Marie LeQuesne and some of our MA students for an exciting film project where we will re-act going to the cinema, becoming actors and audience.

If you want to be a part of this new art work, come to the Student Common Room by 5:45pm to receive your tickets and props. Please wear your outdoor clothing.

As you enter the space you will see yourselves on the screen — taking your seats as ambient music and sound sets the scene. When everyone is seated, the lights will dim and you will become both actors and audience, being filmed as you watch the enter film that you have just made. When enter has finished, the lights will come up and once again you will see yourselves live on screen as you leave the cinema.

enter, watch, leave (U) will be shown at an exhibition at the University of Leeds, opening on Thursday 13 December 2018. Details will be posted on this website nearer the time.

enter, watch, leave (U) is a project organised by students from MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies and MA Arts Management and Heritage Studies, alongside artist Ann-Marie LeQuesne.

Image courtesy of Ann-Marie LeQuesne