How do artists touch the void? - a panel discussion

This panel discussion will take place off campus at the Kendal Mountain Festival 2018

Jonathan Pitches, Professor of Theatre and Performance, is to chair a panel of leading contemporary theatre and arts practitioners at the award-winning Kendal Mountain Festival (KMF). 

The event follows a highly successful panel discussion at last year’s KMF which saw Pitches lead a conversation between theatre-makers, artists and legendary British climber Johnny Dawes.

Described by one participant at the 2017 festival as ‘a totally compelling discussion…edgy, engaging and totally memorable’, last year’s panel was accompanied by the screening of a short film about the making of Black Rock, the digital performance element of Pitches’ AHRC-funded research, Performing Mountains.

This year’s panel discussion starts from the idea that film and literature have always been wedded to the mountains but at the cost of the other arts. How have theatre makers, land artists and scenographers interpreted mountains for instance?  What, in short, does an artist see in the mountains that the rest of us don’t?

Joining Pitches to discuss these fascinating issues is internationally renowned playwright, David Greig (Touching the Void and Pyrenees), artists Rob and Harriet Fraser (from somewhere-nowhere), and designer and theatre maker Dr Louise Ann Wilson (The Gathering/Yr Helfa).

Location details

The panel discussion will take place at the Abbot Hall Centre, Kendal.

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