Institute for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies


Institute for colonial and postcolonial studies


Our work plays a key role in expanding each of these dynamic and rapidly developing research fields. We are a truly interdisciplinary initiative engaged in constructive dialogue between postcolonial approaches that challenge existing cultural and geo-political boundaries.Our central objectives are to re-assess colonial histories in all their complexity and diversity, and to gauge their continuing impact upon our globalised world.

We have a reputation for research excellence, with our members’ outputs consistently being published in the main journals and with leading academic presses worldwide. We also provide a vibrant research environment for research students and visiting scholars, helping them develop their projects and integrating them into our community.

At the same time, our mission commitment is t the general public as well the international academic community, and we seek to engage both through our projects and events.

We welcome applications from prospective research students interested in colonial and postcolonial studies. To find out more, visit the staff profiles of our members.



We host a wide range of events ranging from our Annual International Lecture to conferences to community days in conjunction with local schools. Past events have included:


Professor Richard Cleminson Dr Paul Melo e Castro
Dr Ingo Cornils Professor Stuart Murray
Professor Shane Doyle Dominic O'Key
Dr Sam Durrant Dr Samuel Perks
Eva Frojmovic Dr Thea Pitman
Professor William Gould Professor Jane Plastow
Dr Jim House Dr Julia Reid
Professor Graham Huggan  
Dr Will Jackson Dr Angel Smith
Professor Catherine Karkov Dr Andy Stafford
Professor Ian Law Dr Gigliola Sulis
Dr Simone Lomartire Dr Rodanthi Tzanelli
Professor John McLeod Dr Jane Wilkinson
Professor Seán McLoughlin



For further information about the Institute for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies, please email Professor Graham Huggan.