Dr Victoria Circus

Dr Victoria Circus


I joined the University of Leeds as a Research Assistant on the ‘Rebirth Fashion: Community-based collaborative consumption’ project in November 2022 after completing my PhD in Environmental Education at the University of Sheffield in 2022.

Before that, I completed an MA in Social Research at the University of Sheffield (2017), an MSc in Sustainability at Anglia Ruskin University (2016) and a BSc in Psychology at the University of Sheffield (2015). 

Research interests

My research has focused on how we can understand and encourage sustainable lifestyles. 

Most recently I have worked with primary school children to explore how an environmental education programme taught through songs and animations impacted the food, travel, waste, energy and water-related practices of families, using qualitative methods.

I have also used quantitative methods when working with individual consumers of fashion, energy and meat to understand engagement, for example consumer perceptions to sustainable alternatives to meat, like edible insects and lab-grown meat (https://www.the-ies.org/resources/feeding-nine-billion)

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  • PhD Environmental Education
  • MA Social Research
  • MSc Sustainability
  • BSc Psychology