Kate Morris

Kate Morris


I am a first year PhD student focusing on the area of sustainable fashion, specifically the physical and emotion durability of our clothing. My academic journey began at the University of Leeds where I graduated with a 1st class honours in Fashion Technology (BA) (IND). The content of my degree included exploring fabric production, product development, physical textile testing, and sustainable business practices. For my undergraduate dissertation, based around durability testing, I was awarded the Kisby Prize for the best undergraduate in the area of fashion and textiles. For the past 2 years I have worked as a Fabric Technologist within the outdoor clothing industry. This role allowed me to build upon my knowledge of the product development process with a focus on longevity and sustainability. 

Alongside my PhD studies, I have recently taken on the role of Education Outreach Fellow in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Culture. From January 2023, I will be delivering informative and inspirational workshops in the area of sustainable fashion, empowering young people from all backgrounds to study Arts and Humanities at University. In addition to this, I have been accepted to join the Priestley Climate Scholar programme in the New Year where I will be exposed to a range of interdisciplinary climate researchers. 

Research interests

My current research interests include: 

  • The factors that influence the lifespan of a garment.
  • A benchmarking approach to measure the durability of various garments. 
  • How the concept of emotional and physical durability contribute to the utilisation and disposal of a garment. 
  • Exploring how a better understanding of durability can faciliate circular business models. 
  • Effective methods of reducing carbon and water usage within the Fashion industry. 


  • BA (hons) in Fashion Technology, University of Leeds