Sylwia Orynek

Sylwia Orynek


I am a contemporary weaver and my work positions itself in the grey area between the disciplines of craft and design engineering. With additional interest in research-driven creative practice, I approach my investigations in a cross-disciplinary manner and continues to explore novel weaving methods as part of my PhD at the 3D Weaving Innovation Centre, University of Leeds, funded by the JE Ackroyd Scholarship.

I have an extensive knowledge of experimental textile making and a growing enthusiasm for computer-aided design and parametric tools. I combine those in pursuit of a hybrid practice, where analogue and digital methodologies meet in order to disrupt and advance traditional weaving processes. By presenting established creative practices through the lens of novel materials, methods and applications, I hope to reinvigorate traditional craft and increase its appreciation as the driver of interdisciplinary innovation.

Research interests

My research focuses on hand weaving practices with special emphasis on traditional crafts from across a variety of disciplines. I explore this through rigorous creative experimentation and tool hacking/building.

Futhermore, I am interested in the suitability and limitations of computer-aided design / parametric software as tools in the hands of a craftsperson. By merging those analogue and digital methodologies, I hope to develop new techniques and tools for creation of 3D woven structures.

Areas of interest:

  • craft methodologies
  • textiles and textile thinking
  • 3D weaving and construction
  • parametric software and CAD
  • design computing


  • (MA) Textiles - Royal College of Art
  • (BA) Fashion and Textile Design - Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton