School of Design duo exhibit at Leeds Indie Food Festival

As part of this year’s Leeds Indie Food Festival, School of Design duo, Chloe and Abigail Baldwin (AKA Buttercrumble) showcased their work alongside Leeds’ and the North’s “superwomen” of art and food.

Throughout May, Leeds Indie Food Festival saw the city showcase the best, most innovative and tastiest offerings from across Leeds through a variety of mediums including cookery, mixology, art and even film.

As part of the schedule of over 100 events, Chloe and Abigail’s work hung alongside eight other female artists, providing the backdrop to female-centric foodie events taking place at Munroe House.

The duo produced a number of prints inspired by food to whet visitor’s appetite at the exhibition which ran from the 5th-25th May.

Their work took inspiration from folk illustration, Scandinavian design, stories and everyday life, to produce their designs which included a very popular banana warrior.