Dr Mark Sumner discusses sustainability for business in Retail Dive

Appearing in Retail Dive, Dr Mark Sumner amplifies the many voices advocating for greater sustainability in fashion retail commerce.

Dr Mark Sumner, a lecturer in sustainability at the School of Design and the programme leader for BA Sustainable Fashion, has been featured in Retail Dive

Retail is facing higher prices across the board due to the climate crisis, "it's a very dark view of the future, but it's a very plausible one if we carry on as usual".

Sumner explains that key stakeholder pressure may be crucial to sustainability catching on for businesses, "I've spoken to a number of executives where they say, 'You know what, I'm not really into sustainability — don't really get it. But it makes sense for my business to start positioning itself in that way,'"

Sumner continues. "So we're sort of detaching that moral or ethical decision making to much more economic decision making. The goal isn’t to stop retailers completely from growing: Businesses are a key piece of society that support jobs and provide other benefits. The goal, rather, is to find a way for businesses to remain successful without the 'continuous volume growth.' At least that's the case in the U.S."

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