Professor Westland's colour science research appears in Harper's Bazaar

Professor Westland's collaboration with Farah Naz of EX1 Cosmetics is covered in a Harper's Bazaar beauty trends piece for leading to more representative and diverse options in beauty products.

Using their new groundbreaking skin classification system which is based on a more inclusive and comprehensive scale of skin colour, the Naz-Westland Index, shoppers will be able to more accurately find the right product for them.

In addition to Professor Stephen Westland’s expertise in colour science, Farah Naz’s background in biochemistry provided a strong foundation for the creation of the Naz-Westland Index.

The Harper’s Bazaar article predicts that the skincare and skin products industry will continue to diversify their products, referencing the work Professor Westland and Farah Naz have spearheaded.

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