Abdul-Bashid Shaikh


I completed by undergraduate degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Leeds in 2001. In the same year I commenced my MA in  Qur'anic Studies and completed my studies in 2003. Between 2006-2011, I studied for a PhD in Comparative religion specifically focussing on the notion of creation from a medieval and modern perspective within the Abrahamic faiths.

I am a regular media contributor who has appeared on Sky TV,  BBC radio and France24. I am also a feature columnist for Spanish newspaper based in Madrid.

Research interests


Shaikh, A.B. (2011) Medieval and Modern Concepts of Creation in the Abrahamic Faiths, Lincom Europa.

Shaikh, A.B. (2017) Unity, Prophecy and Eschatology in the Abrahamic Traditions Noor Publications, Dusseldorf. 

Book Contributions

Contributed to Hill,D.J and Whistler D (2013) The Right to Wear Religious Symbols, Palgrave Macmillan  

Chapters in Books

 Raja, I.A, Shaikh, A.B. (2019) Digitalised Ethnic Press and the Representations of British Muslims in the Wake of the 7/7 Bombings: The Case Study of Passion Islam in Yu, S and Matsaganis, M. (eds) Ethnic Media in the Digital Age. Abingdon, Routledge, Part 1, Chapter 5, pp.57-65.

Unpublished Works 

Shaikh, A.B. (2011) Medieval and Modern Concepts of Creation in Judaism, Christianity and Islam with reference to the tenets of faith, PhD Thesis University of Leeds 

Articles in Journals 

Science and Religion at the Crossroads:Conflict and Conciliation. In Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Research on Religion and Science, vol.1, issue, 9, July 2011, pp.43-61   http://mail.jirrs.org/jirrs_nr_9/07-01-jirrs9-shaikh.pdf 

Raja, I, Shaikh, A,B. 5 Pillars coverage of the Manchester terror attacks (forthcoming 2019)

Book Reviews

Oriental Neighbours: Middle Eastern Jews and Arabs in Mandatory Palestine. In Journal of Modern Jewish Studies (Forthcoming 2019). 

Jews, Christians and Muslims in Medieval and Early Modern Times: A Festschrft in Honor of Mark R. Cohen, In Journal of Modern Jewish Studies (March 2017) http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/BbAi3YEftzTuEnnZeQ7f/full

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  • BA Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • MA Islamic Studies
  • PhD Abrahamic Religions

Student education




Research groups and institutes

  • Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
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