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Women of Achievement

Congratulations to the members of our faculty who received an award in the University’s Women of Achievement Awards 2021.

IDEA Centre

A Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics alumna has been awarded the prestigious 2021 Mark Brennan Poster Prize from the Institute of Medical Ethics (IME).

Idea ethics podcast

What does an ethical police officer look like? Dr Josh Hobbs speaks to a real-world detective, and postgraduate in Applied and Professional Ethics, to find the answer.

Hannah MacKenzie

IMS Postgraduate Researcher Hannah MacKenzie discusses her experience working on the BBC Radio Four podcasts, 'You're Dead to Me' and 'Homeschool History'.

Views of the National Science and Media Museum from City Park. Photo by Tim Smith.

A collaborative research project looking at how the National Science and Media Museum can be locally rooted and open, engaged and collaborative has concluded with the launch of a new publication.