2024 Jay Blumler Lecture with Professor Stephen Coleman

When Terrible Things are Happening and the Country's Falling Apart: Democratic Hope in an Age of Anxiety

Responding to a prevalent sense that the world is out of control and the normative foundations of democracy are at risk, Stephen Coleman will ask whether it is possible to think hopefully about the future of democracy. He will set out some grounds for practical hope and consider their dependence upon an approach to public communication that takes the long view rather than being sucked into a reactive vortex.

Stephen Coleman is Professor of Political Communication in the School of Media and Communication at the University of Leeds. He is the author of ten books and over a hundred peer-reviewed articles, several of which were written in collaboration with Jay Blumler. He is the presenter of the podcast, ‘The Sound of Politics’.  He is a member of the Commission for Oracy Education in England.  His latest research study is looking at how callers to BBC phone-ins are talking about politics in the twelve months leading up to the 2024 general election.

This is a free public event and all are welcome. The hour-long lecture will be followed by a buffet reception and drinks. There is no need to register, but please email Media Research Support (mediaresearchsupport@leeds.ac.uk) if you wish to attend (just so we have an idea of numbers for catering purposes), or for more information.