Online event: Fears, desires and threats in changing situations

Join Dan Connors in conversation with Professor Chris Megone, in a free webinar exploring ethical influencing.

The Covid-19 crisis has led to rapid changes in the threats which individuals are dealing with and the fears that these trigger.

Some of these are personal ones – “I’ve got to home school AND be effective at work”, while others are big business ones – “There’s a chance my company might not survive this”.

Leaders are susceptible to the fears and desires triggered by these threats themselves, and also must take account responsibly of the fears and desires of those they lead. In a quickly developing, unpredictable and emotionally fraught situation, using influence ethically can be a challenge.

Dan Connors learned what he knows about influence on high stakes military intelligence operations in which he was trying to influence individuals with very fixed mindsets, including captured members of the Taliban. Since then, he and his colleagues at Applied Influence Group have been using the insights gained from this experience to train business leaders. In this online seminar, he will be in conversation with Chris Megone, Professor of Inter-Disciplinary Applied Ethics, National Teaching Fellow and Director of the IDEA Centre.

Join the session via Microsoft Teams