An Intelligent Simulation Tool Connecting Consumer’s Sensory Requirements on Garment with Fabric Objective Tactile Properties


The project aims to develop a working demonstrator of an intelligent digital garment simulation tool. The tool will connect consumer preferences, for the particular drape and feel of fashion garments, with the objective properties of the fabrics they are made from.

Virtual garment simulation is a rapidly evolving technology, which has the potential to shorten the fashion design process and be used to visualise clothing for online shopping. Currently, computer simulations provide only pale imitations of the real garments; missing details such as how a particular fabric drapes and feels. Fashion garments are frequently evaluated by consumers with respect to these qualities, so achieving a more realistic simulation will be a big step forward. 

By harnessing recent advances in machine learning, links can be made between consumers’ subjective responses and objective features of fabrics. This will enable garment designers to acquire valuable feedback about which fabrics to use to achieve a desired customised product or a desirable mass market garment.

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