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Art display by T'Shah Henry featuring sculptures set in the middle of the woods.

This year’s annual FUAM Graduate Art Prize is going virtual.

Parkinson building

The sixth and final online Institute for Medieval Studies Book Launch session on Tuesday 28 July featured an edited book by Amy S. Kaufman and Paul B. Sturtevant.

A fantasy image of the Sword in the Stone with lightning sky

The article, published in the Conversation, looks at the Arthurian roots of the show, and how it differs from previous retellings. 

A conference hall with lots of people facing the stage

Jenica Harper and Simran Rana co-presented with LCS lecturer, Amanda Deacon, at the 21st AULC (Association of University Language Communities in the UK and Ireland) Conference.

Joshua hobbs

How do we provide effective long-term solutions to worldwide poverty? Dr Joshua Hobbs's latest article is now available to read via Res Publica.