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Detail from image of Edward Jenner vaccinating patients. Edited etching by J Gillray 1802. Wellcome Trust collection

Convincing the Nation is a new online exhibition which observes how government and public health bodies have reacted to vaccine resistance over time.

Spencer Home Start Waterproofs

Researchers investigating the effects of lockdown on children’s early development have paid for wet weather gear for 28 disadvantaged Leeds families after survey data showed toddlers were missing out

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The Centre for History and Philosophy of Science announces the names of the A-level students who submitted prize-winning essays to their HPS in 20 Objects competition

Pink knitted ball with metal nails inserted to represent Coronavirus

An interdisciplinary online seminar series about the impact of COVID-19 on visual art.

Dr Alex Bamji

Dr Bamji helps BBC Future explain how one 16th Century doctor utilised social distancing practices to contain a plague outbreak the city of Alghero in Sardinia.