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Each year over 100 undergraduate students from the School of Design opt to take the Year in Industry Placement Programme and work with a wide range of host organisations during their intern year. The Year in Industry Placement Programme is an important part of the learning experience for our students, providing them with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge for their chosen career path.

If your organisation chooses to host one of our students, you will not only support their development, but your organisation will benefit from fresh ideas and the intellectual skills of our students as they apply their energy and enthusiasm to live business projects and activities. You will also get a preview of the graduate new talent we are creating here at the School of Design.

Our students are highly regarded for their dedication and enterprise, with many organisations choosing to host new students every year; there is always a high demand for School of Design placement students.

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If you’re interested in hosting one of our students please get in touch with us by completing the form at the bottom of this page.


What our partners say

“Our student has been switched on and willing to learn from day one. Always asking questions and wanting to push herself to learn. She has since been taken on as a paid employee for the summer and again over Christmas”.

- Marks and Spencer

“It is a win-win situation because we love to have young talent and new ideas in the studio and we are happy to share our knowledge and experience in return.”

- Nina Quax Creative Studio

“Our placement has been a great addition to the team delivering above and beyond and impressing some of our most senior stakeholders and clients. We would be more than happy to employ her once she graduated”.

- Bupa UK

“Our placement student was very professional in her approach a confident individual with a passion for the work
required. All of which makes a perfect combination for future employment”.

- Omnipact Ltd.


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Frequently asked questions

What duration should a placement be?

The Year in Industry scheme is extremely flexible, and placements can be as short as 4 weeks or as long as 12 months. We do find host organisations and students maximise the value of the placement process when the placements are at least three months in duration. However, the decision on duration of placements is at the discretion of each host organisation.

When can students start their placement?

The placement year starts at the end of the academic year, with students available to start their placement from the end of May onwards. This is the optimal time to start a placement, however, as students are looking for placements throughout the year, the start date is flexible and can fit in with your recruitment requirements.

When is the best time to promote a placement opportunity?

Placements can be promoted throughout the year, however, we would advise advertising your opportunity from January (for a May/June start date) onwards or 3 months in advance of the placement start date if you wish to secure the best students from the new placement cohort.

Do placement opportunities need to be paid? 

As our students are valued members of host organisations’ teams, and as most placements are paid, the School of Design encourages organisations to offer paid placements. In a competitive market, the best students will be looking for a salary that is suitable for the job role and responsibilities. As a minimum it is expected that placement students are offered the appropriate minimum wage to support relocation and normal expenses. We understand there are some circumstances when this may not be possible, but it is hoped that support for travel, food and accommodation can be provided.

What requirements does an employer need to fulfil?

The University of Leeds is obliged to ensure that any work placement undertaken by a student is ‘safe, supervised and supportive’. We use a University-standard tripartite agreement between the host organisation, the University and placement student to confirm these requirements.

Safety: We will seek formal assurances about the student’s health and safety while on placement.

Supervised: We strongly recommend the appointment of a supervisor who has regular contact with the placement student to provide guidance, training and development.

Supportive: It is expected that the host organisation will be supportive of the student’s academic requirements while they are on placement.