Grant success for Dr Johanna Stiebert

Dr Johanna Stiebert has recently been awarded an AHRC research network grant for a project on religion and rape culture.

CRPL member Dr Johanna Stiebert has recently been awarded a research network grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (International Highlight Notice Scheme). The project, of which she is the principal investigator, will be co-lead by Dr Katie Edwards (University of Sheffield) in collaboration with Dr Mmapula Kebaneilwe (University of Botswana). It aims at developing collaborations of academics and non-academics (including artists and NGO workers) to address the intersections of religion, rape culture and gender-based violence in Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho and the UK. The grant is aimed particularly at addressing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. All three project leads are scholars of the Bible and religion, with a specialisation in gender criticism. Over the next two years they will be running workshops and other events and will be sure to publicise these widely. Please see the blog, The Shiloh Project, to get some idea of the kind of work the project is pursuing.